Merchant Guide

Congratulations on taking your first step in to accepting second generation digital payments on your store! Worldcoin is a great way to sell to your consumers. You will find that it has numerous benefits compared to traditional payment methods that you can instantly benefit from. Integrating WorldCoin as a payment option is easy and you don’t necessarily need any technical knowledge to do so. Most of the payment processors that Worldcoin is present on support a large array of different platforms. Therefore you may check the requirements needed and find solution that works the best for your business on our payment processors directory.

In order to boost your sales and fully benefit of everything that WorldCoin can provide, we suggest that you let your clients know that you accept WorldCoin. You can inform your customers through email or social media but it always advisable to also add the relevant information on your online shopping cart or wall of your shop.

If you need any graphics when adding WorldCoin as a payment method on your shop, you can freely use our customized graphics for checkout buttons or merely just to let everybody know that this form of payment is accepted. Please Visit this page for all the graphics we have created for your use. Should you have any questions regarding using the system or accepting WorldCoin, please feel free to contact our representatives here at any time.