Getting Started with Worldcoin

Using WorldCoin is easy as using your email. To get started with sending and receiving payments you only need a wallet software installed on your device. We support all major operating systems and smart phone platforms. Please use the quick steps below to get started!

If you are a merchant and planning on starting to accept payments by WorldCoin, don’t forget to add your business on to WorldCoin directory at

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Steps to take

Get started with WorldCoin only within a couple of minutes by following three step installation guide below. If you have any questions regarding the process, our representatives are happy to help you. In case you need assistance, please contact us here.

Wallet Installation

This is the beginners’ first step to start the road to becoming a fully qualified cryptician. Below are the operating systems we currently support. Please select the operating system of your device.


One time download for Windows 7 (64 bit) systems and above. Installation steps:

  • execute installer and follow the wizard.

Download: Windows 7+


If you have Linux system then this is the wallet for you. In case you experience any difficulty with setting up, please either visit our FAQ section or post in forum help.


Linux Daemon


The Daemon only available at the moment. If you are unsure what that is look at our older wallets.


Mac OSX Daemon


Android wallet is designed for small daily transactions. It doesn’t have all same functions as desktop wallet. The software is fully compatible with any smart phone or tablets with Android platform.

Check if your device uses android at: Android Devices

Download: Android

Source Code

Below you can click the link to go to GitHub where we host the open source code for WorldCoin.

Download: GitHub


If you have an older operating system then our older wallets will support your system for now. However we recommend you upgrade your system soon to get the best out of Worldcoin.


If you are beginner with WorldCoin, you may use WorldCoin Faucet to get a small amount of the currency sent to your wallet to see how it works. Before using the faucet, please make sure your wallet is installed and fully synchronized.

Online Exchanges

If you are comfortable with our software and wish to invest in the currency or start shopping online, this is the easiest option to obtain WorldCoins. There are many exchanges out there that allow you to buy Worldcoins with USD, EUR and CNY or trade other virtual currencies such as Bitcoin for it.


Worldcoin is a virtual currency that is generated by people using their computers via a process known as mining. There is a limited supply of currency and as time goes on, less and less are generated per week. This option is recommended only for those who are technically savvy.

Spending Worldcoin

There are many places to spend Worldcoin, we run a directory that keeps tabs on all stores and services in existence. To check transactions have been completed you can paste the receiving address in a block explorer search bar, if you see 2 confirmations you know the coins have reached their destination.

Help us?

If you want you can also help us by donating to our general fund to help continue with our duties for Worldcoin. You can also help fund projects in our crowdfund, if you see anything you like, support it!

Our General fund Address: WTYspAqxctap6FYoJWxE7GAVVEy1cGT5vB

Once you are done, you may have many more questions. We suggest you take a look at our frequently asked questions page. If you still can’t find a solution, please visit the forum help section.