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WorldCoin software provides user friendly interface that makes it easy to control your virtual wealth without fuzz.

Fast Transactions

Send and receive payments anywhere in the World in 60 seconds or less. Transactions are performed directly between the users.

Shop Securely

Customers can pay without handing over sensitive personal information. This helps users to prevent against identity theft.

Low Fees

The transaction fee to send WorldCoins is very low at around 0.0000025% of the transaction. In example for $5000 USD transaction only 1.25 cents.


WorldCoin works without a central repository or single administrator. We use blockchain transaction technology.

Boost Your Sale

Consumers make payments by using virtual currencies worth over 100 million USD a day. By accepting WorldCoin you will get additional business from virtual currency economy.

Pay Anyone & Anywhere

With WorldCoin system you can send payments anywhere around the world with the lowest transaction fees and lightning speed. You only need to download free WorldCoin wallet software and WorldCoin address to receive and send payments.

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Invest, Save and Trade

Buying and selling WorldCoin is now easier than ever. You can use either reputable online exchanges or physical ATM machines to purchase or sell WorldCoin. WorldCoin is an attractive investment opportunity for people who are interested in investing on virtual currencies.

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