In order to mine Worldcoin, you’ll need a wallet (to solo-mine).  Once you’ve got a wallet setup, simply create a shortcut to Worldcoin-qt.exe and right click on that icon and select properties. Add the flag -server to the end of the target, and you’re ready to mine. In order to mine, you’ll want to download a mining program. Download the latest cgminer or Scrypt version of GUIMiner and load it up. To configure, please see the help files that come with those programs. It is best to join a mining a pool unless you have very high hashing power (more consistent payouts, but less Worldcoin overall).

If you have no idea how to set up a miner, there is a program that does it all for you. It is called multiminer which automatically detects hardware that can be used for mining. It works on Windows, Mac OSX and Linux and has really good monitoring options and remote monitoring too. It is not recommended to use your computers’ GPU because mining hardware has been developed so to get the best Worldcoin per hour you need dedicated machines. These are called Scrypt ASIC’s and output huge amounts of hashing power from small pieces of computer hardware. If you are mining to make profit you have to pay attention to the market and try to purchase the latest ASIC. You then have to calculate the power costs and the profit per hour. There are calculators to do this, simply input the values and see if it is worth it.  Of course, if you just want to give it a try and are not worried about the output then that is fine, you will just get a small amount of Worldcoin. We have made a short tutorial video on setting up Multiminer!

There are also numerous videos online to help setup your Scrypt ASIC

Alternatively, if you do not want to set up your own miner you can easily rent a Scrypt miner online or use a cloud mining service. It is important to calculate whether you will profit. We recommend BetaRigs which is less risky because you can spread your money on different rigs that people are renting. There are trust issues with bigger cloud mining firms who do not disclose much information about the mining rigs being rented.