Pick your Method

There are two easy ways to obtain Worldcoin, you can either trade another cryptocurrency like Bitcoin for it, or you can purchase it directly with your home currency.

Some very important notes before you proceed:

  1. Make sure you have a wallet first, you can choose a wallet at our wallets page.
  2. The cryptocurrency market is very new and the reliability of exchanges is often only as good as their reputation, it is highly recommended that you do your research before you choose to use an exchange.
  3. Even though it’s uncommon, some exchanges do get compromised, you can greatly reduce your exposure by moving money out of an exchange as soon as you have made your necessary trades. If an exchange is compromised it is the coins stored with the exchange that are at risk.
  4. Store your passwords in a safe place and never use your wallet passphrase as a password for an exchange.
  5. Just to reiterate, do no leave your coins on an exchange, unless you’re a day trader, you’re just taking on unnecessary risk. Once you’ve made the trade(s) move your coins back into secure wallets. Think of this as free insurance, your exchange may never get compromised, but if it does, your funds will be safe in your wallet (unless you didn’t follow #3).
  6. If it’s available, always enable 2-factor authentication, this is an excellent security feature which prevents hacking. What is it?

Purchasing with fiat (USD, EUR, GBP, and others)


  • You can purchase a lot more Worldcoin at often (but not always) more secure exchanges
  • Once you’ve gone through verification, you will have an easy outlet for buying Worldcoin for yourself and your friends/family
  • Fewer fees will be applied if you choose to go through one exchange rather than several (where they will each take their cut)
  • After you’re verified at an exchange, it will be much easier to convert Worldcoin back to your home currency and withdraw it if you need it


  • Most exchanges require a few pieces of identification to in order to allow you to purchase Worldcoin with fiat, although some require very little to none.
  • Although you can sometimes buy smaller amounts of Worldcoin almost instantly, to purchase larger amounts you will need to transfer money into an exchange, usually through a Bank Wire or Money Order; these may take a few hours to several days to be deposited initially

Trade for another Cryptocurrency (Bitcoin, Litecoin and others)


  • If you’ve been keeping yourself anonymous while obtaining and using other cryptocurrencies, you can continue this trend when buying Worldcoin.
  • There are dozens of exchanges that will allow you to exchange Bitcoin for Worldcoin and vice versa, with little to no personal information most of the time.
  • Depositing and withdrawing is usually very quick when an exchange is not dealing with fiat (government issued currency)


  • You will need to first obtain another cryptocurrency like Bitcoin, which may sometimes mean you have to purchase with fiat, adding an extra step.
  • Not all crypto-to-crypto exchanges are reliable or trustworthy, some are susceptible to hacking and may have bugs
  • You may need to go through the extra steps of setting up a wallet for the cryptocurrency that you will be trading away for Worldcoin; in other words it will be extra work

List of Online Exchanges

You can trade WorldCoin with following reputable online exchanges. Please note that WorldCoin Global Ltd. is not directly affiliated to the listed exchanges and the information below is merely informative. You should read carefully the user agreement before signing. It is never adviced to store your funds for long term with online exchanges.